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About Hong N

Hong N Education was funded by Director Ma Jun in February 2006. Director Ma's vision was to share Chinese Culture and SuZhou's beauty with the World. Hong N started with just one school for Chinese elementary school students back in 2006. Since then Hong N has rapidly expanded to seven locations across Suzhou and is currently collaborating with more than 20 public/private K1-12 schools.Today, Hong N is one of SuZhou's most renowned English training schools, and Director Ma has been elected as the vice president of Jiangsu Province of Non Governmental Educational Chamber of Commerce.

Teaching Jobs in China

If you are looking to broaden your horizons and experience life in the fastest growing country in the world, then Hong N Training School is the place for you. We are a training school located in Suzhou, China that specializes in teaching English to students with academic levels ranging from the primary to the secondary level. Suzhou is a thriving city in eastern China that is only a 25-minute train ride from central Shanghai. Suzhou is one of few developed cities that has retained much of its ancient traditional character and charm, with a thriving business district with all the modern amenities that one could ask for. It has become one of the most popular destinations for both locals and foreigners to work and live.

Job Description and Qualifications:

� Native English Speaker or demonstrate proper qualifications for English language fluency.
� Bachelors degrees in all fields are welcomed.
� Provide quality English lessons to students ranging from the primary level to secondary level.
� Positive, energetic, patient, and responsible with great communication skills interested in teaching English.
� Create lesson plans with Hang N course textbooks.
� 100 Teaching hours per month (25 teaching hours per week).
� You will receive initial training and certifications.
� Chinese teaching assistants will be provided to help with all aspects involving each class.
� One Year Contract term with two months probation period.

Job Benefits:

� Starting salary for new instructors is 10,000RMB per month
� FREE accommodations in Suzhou
� Working Visa Sponsorship
� FREE One-on-one Chinese courses
� Hourly pay for any additional overtime
� 1,500RMB International Insurance Reimbursement
� 7000RMB Return Flight reimbursement
� 3000RMB Bonus When completing one year contract
If Interested please email us a cover letter and a copy of your C.Vto Mr. Ma:

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teacher @ Hong N Chinese

“Working for Hong En has been a great experience for me. The boss is really relaxed and always willing to help. All of the teaching assistants are friendly and go out of their way to help you during class. Suzhou the city in which Hong En is located is a beautiful place. There's a mix of historical sites with new high rises. Anything and everything that you could want is here in Suzhou. Also a great expat community. Finally, for those who are learning Chinese this a great chance to get daily practice. Talking to the kids and locals improves your Chinese greatly. Not only that, but Hong En offers free Chinese classes. There's a Chinese saying "上有天堂, 下有苏杭" Which means Above has heaven, below is Suzhou and Hangzhou."欢迎你来洪恩。欢迎你来苏州."

teacher @ Hong N Chinese

"Hi, I'm Matt. I have been working at HongN and living in Suzhou since 2008. I really enjoy teaching here and it can be very rewarding. Suzhou is a thriving city that offers plenty of opportunities to be involved in the community. Drama, cycling and football are some great activities I have took part in."

teacher @ Hong N Chinese

"HI!!! My name is Sylvain. I’ ve been living in Suzhou for about 9 1/2 years now. During this whole time , I’ve worked at HongN language school. To be honest , I never thought I would have been here for this long. But this city has a way of making people fall in love with it. People are friendly, the city is clean and it’s grown up so much in the last 10 years. Public transportation makes it easy to get around the city for work or to meet up with friends after work. I think Suzhou is one of the best cities in China. It’s broken into different sections to meet the needs of most expacts living here. You have your more Western areas as well as the traditional Chinese areas. Hope you make it to Suzhou some day. Feel free to stop by the school and say Hi!!!"