Job Description

Hong N's success has been largely due to its philosophy of pairing an experienced Chinese teacher with a Native English speaker to provide the most authentic learning experience for the children while providing valuable teaching experience to the non-Chinese teacher. All classes are taught on an interactive, interest-oriented western style of teaching, focused on inspiring the children to speak and participate in a pure English environment.

Hours and Pay

In order to provide our teachers with the ability to explore the beautiful city of SuZhou and the ability to do things they love like hiking, running, reading, shopping, etc. Teachers are only required to work 25 hours a week with a monthly salary of 10,000RMB including rent.

In addition, we provide our teachers with the ability to earn overtime pay (in some cases an additional 10,000 RMB a month), free private Chinese lessons (mostly one on one classes), and partial transportation subsidy (up to 200 RMB a month) .

Plus, we provide our teachers with the 1,500 RMB International Insurance Reimbursement, 7000 RMB flight reimbursement, and 3000 RMB bonus for new hirers .


In order to ease the transition to Suzhou, Hong N provides free accommodations to all our foreign teachers. Accommodations ranges from a private room shared with up to 3 other foreign teachers to hotel style studios for one.

HSK Certification

HSK is the only Chinese Proficiency test recognized by China and Hong N is the only authorized test center in Suzhou. Currently, many major companies such as Nike and Gucci require HSK level III or above for China related International managerial positions.
Hong N offers extensive HSK training, and provide the best teachers and learning environment to all our HSK students. As part of the Hong N family, all our participants may join these lessons free of cost. In the past most Hong N teachers have left China with at least a HSK level II proficiency, which means they can handle basic everyday communications. Many of Hong N participants that have achieved HSK Level IV proficiency or above are now managers in various Fortune 500 companies.